Attention Childcare Directors!!

There are good Michigan Children Entertainers out there, but finding someone qualified to perform for preschool age children can be difficult.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Performer Brad Lancaster will far surpass your expectations!

Brad Lancaster entertains the children at their level using fun and interesting props. He keeps them engaged the entire time. There is no time for kids to get bored or restless.

Brad will have the children and staff howling with laughter. Yes, it is a treat to the staff, and allows them a break in their everyday routine. It's just as much fun for the staff as it is for the children.

Brad's shows are colorful, interactive with lots of audience participation and will be presented in a fun and entertaining way. It is an amazing opportunity for the children to see a live show.

After the program every kid in the room will shout "THANK YOU!!" for hosting such a great program.

And when the kids see their parents, they'll tell them what a great time they had at school that day!

Brad offers two different and excellent shows for summer programming or anytime you want to provide top notch entertainment!

Mr. Brad's Fun-tastic Magic Show

Your children will be amazed and amused by the funniest, silliest magic show around!

Mr. Brad's Animal Antics Puppet Show

Your children will laugh and enjoy all the physical antics of Mr. Brad's silly animal friends!


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