Prepare To Be Amazed and Amused!!

Brad Lancaster’s magic shows are fast-paced, non-stop hilarious entertainment devised to suit every type of audience from young children to teenagers, and adults.

Once you see Brad you’ll understand why he’s such a busy performer. It has something to do, no doubt, with his charming personality and amazing visual style.

Brad offers two types of magic shows to choose from:


Stand-Up Magic Show!

This 30 or 45 minute program is performed to a seated audience while Brad stands in front. Brad uses many colorful props, all fun and funny items that your group will love.

Brad’s show is full of eye-popping magic tricks such as making multi-colored handkerchiefs appear and disappear, solid metal rings of steel link and unlink, tearing a newspaper into pieces then restoring it and pulling silver half dollars from the ears of the audience.

Each of Brad’s stand-up magic shows includes music, good clean comedy that is never offensive or embarrassing to anyone, and loads of audience participation.


      Close-Up Walk Around Magic Show!

This is a 1 hour or more show that is ideal for 75 or more people. In this case Brad’s performance is done while walking around. Close-Up magic is a more intimate approach to entertainment, bringing the show to within inches of the audience!

You’ll find that this form of magic serves as an excellent conversation starter. People will turn to each other and laugh and talk about what they have just seen. Cards, coins, ropes and borrowed objects seem to take on a life of their own in Brad’s skilled hands.

Perfect for banquets, award ceremonies, luncheons, picnics or when there’s just no set-up space for a stand-up show.

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