Tickle the Imagination with Puppets!!

Brad Lancaster is an amazing showman and a fantastic puppeteer! Whether it’s a hand puppet, a marionette or a ventriloquist figure, Brad successfully brings each of his puppet characters to life with pure artistry and skill.

Brad and his puppets have been seen at fairs, festivals, schools, resorts, libraries, homes, store malls, churches and in-between.

Brad is a total professional in the field of puppetry and offers wonderful entertainment for audiences of all ages. Brad will make your event a special one!

    Brad offers two different entertaining programs:

         “Animal Antics” Puppet Show!

Your children will laugh and enjoy all the physical antics of Brad’s silly animal friends. This 30 or 45 minute show begins as the kids first learn about how different puppets work through example.

During this time many children will actually get a chance to have hands on training during the explanations.

After that the children will meet and interact with such funny puppet animals as Chucky Ducky, Meeko the Monkey, Bingo the Sheepdog, Wendell the Baby Dinosaur, and Fluff the Magic Bunny who never fails to steal the show! This program includes music, comedy and audience participation.

      “Puppet Tricks” Variety Show!

Looking for a show that will entertain the entire family? Then you need to see the “Puppet Tricks” Variety Show!

It’s a 30 or 45 minute "Ventriloquism/Marionette" Show featuring "Ventriloquist Figures", Rojay Rabbit, Quackers the Duck, Boley the Bear and “Trick Marionettes” that among other things, sing, juggle, dance, and skate.

Prepare to be royally entertained by Michael Jackson, Freddie the Roller Skating Frog, Disco Dan the Skeleton Man, Mr. Jimmy the Juggler, Elvis and other puppet surprises!  This show includes music, comedy and audience participation.


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